A Simple Reminder

Just reminding our friends, fans and most of all current members, this is the FINAL month of BobbiStarr.com members site and blog.  We warned you a month ago and its sad to say this is the end… but it is.  Please don’t forget to unsubscribe ASAP.  Once the sites are […]

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BIG NEWS: Time to Say Good-Bye

“All Good Things Come to an End” – Nelly Furtado

I’m sad to say that it’s time to shut down BobbiStarr.com from the Juliland Universe.  Yes, it’s over.  Bobbi and I have talked about this a lot for the last year.  We have not updated the site or blog in over […]

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BIG NEWS: SeedAndSpark.com

BIG NEWS:  I’m very excited to announce our SeedAndSpark.com campaign for our documentary Greatest Hits.  What is this?  This is our Crowd Funding campaign to raise money to make this happen.  Please go to SeedAndSpark.com and check out our campaign today for details.  You will learn more about the documentary […]

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BIG NEWS: Greatest Hits

BIG NEWS:  We are very excited to announce that our fearless leader, Richard Avery, has joined in on a very cool project.  He is Producing his first Documentary.  Lets just say he’s helping out where ever he can!  This is a BIG deal for Richard, because he gets to take his […]

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