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Bobbi Starr 018

By Richard Avery
11 May 2011 42,668 views 6 Comments

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  • Smetana28

    What a beautiful bush Bobbi! A hairy pussy is the sexiest thing in the world. I love to see a confident woman who isn’t ashamed of her natural beauty.  Did you ever consider growing out the pubes on your lips and up toward your asshole for the total natural look? How about your armpit hair? Thanks for the sexy pics!

  • Brunettewatcher

    I agree. I love a hairy bush and Bobbi’s is the best. In fact, she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in porn. I love the brunettes anyway, but that face, eyes, mouth…OMG! I get switched on just gazing into her eyes. Love your interracial work Bobbi..LOVE IT…more pleeze! Go get’em gurl. You are loved out here.

  • Josman Bornet

    oh my god ! you’re so beautiful Bobbi love ur hairy pussy..

  • Nate

    Yeah….no doubt Bobbi Starr is the motherfucking shit when it comes to struttin’ a hairy pussy.  I’ve jacked it to her so many times I’ve killed an entire forest of future tissues!

  • 80Pussy4Life

    why oh why oh when will the full bush make a come back. it is beyond sexy and Bobbi your gorgeous pubes need to lead the charge!

  • Jim

    Bobbi has the most beautiful bush in the business. BUT I just saw a video on this website of her shaving it. I was just imagining it dyed green for March 17, perhaps with a shamrock sculpted into it. Don’t worry Bobbi, after I’m done crying I’ll still buy your DVDs.