2014 jGrrl of the Year Phoenix Marie

JULILAND NEWS: Best of the best, the one and only, the cream of the crop, the big… No matter how you want to label her, she is simply Phoenix Marie! We are honored, grateful and just fucking excited to name Phoenix Marie as our 2014 jGrrl of the Year! The Juliland Universe is brighter […]

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June 2014 jGrrl Ash Hollywood

JULILAND NEWS: It’s summer and time for the our favorite jGrrl: Ash “Mutha Fuckin” Hollywood. If you know us and I’m sure you do, you know that Ash has been both jGrrl of the Year, jGrrl of the Month. Basically, she’s jGrrl 4 Life and pretty much gets whatever she wants around here. Her personal blog AshGirl.com […]

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May 2014 jGrrl Samantha Bentley

JULILAND NEWS: What can we say about our May 2014 jGrrl Samantha Bentley that we haven’t already said after ALL these years of working together? Simply this: we love Samantha more today than the day she joined the Juliland Universe! The more you get to know our English Rose the more there is to love! […]

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April 2014 jGrrl Alex Chance

JULILAND NEWS: 24-year-old Alex Chance comes to porn by way of Virginia.  With both feet planted firmly in the “biz” for the past couple years, she’s certainly enjoying every minute of it.  Alex says the best part about being a porn star is, “getting paid to have amazing sex with super-hot people.  Having repeat sex […]

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March 2014 jGrrl Kendall Karson

JULILAND NEWS: Born in Sacramento, California, Kendall Karson began her adult career at the ripe age of twenty.  Since then, she’s been accomplishing her ever-growing list of goals, the most recent becoming a Juliland jGrrl.  Richard Avery and his crazy Universe, according to Kendall, “proves that beauty doesn’t equate to perfection, but rather, beauty is […]

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Inside The Porn Actors Studio_Bobbi Starr

In the spirit of Bravo TV’s great show Inside The Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton I thought I would have some “porn stars” take on his famous 10 questions.  I was curious to see what answers we might get compared to those “famous actors” that pretend for a living to entertain us.  So […]

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bobbi starr