Everyone has some kind of kink. Something they can’t get enough of.

In my case, it’s feet. I’m willing to bet that right now for every one of you that are nodding your head approvingly, there’s another three that are scratching are their heads, looking at your feet, wondering what’s so sexy about them and then thinking that you should probably see a podiatrist.

There are two kinds of people: people who get fetishes and people who don’t. We all fit into both categories simultaneously. If you’re into the fetish, you get it. If you’re not into the fetish, you’ll never understand it. In fact, if you want to see how strange fetishes are, consider that everything you’re into seems normal but everything else just seems weird.

For those of you who aren’t into feet, you’re probably wondering what’s in it for me sexually. I like the delicate arch of a foot… the detail of a good pedicure… heels and toes taken care of to keep callouses, bunions and blisters at bay.

I think the insane level of detail and the attention to maintaining feet to be as beautiful as any other part of the body is what differentiates a foot fetish from others. If you’re a boob man (or woman) it’s all about size, no matter how big it may be — in fact, quantity is good in many cases. If you’re into tattoos, covering your body with ink becomes the obsession. Hair? Well then you just want that hair everywhere that a razor usually grooms.

If you work long enough in this business, though, you start to see what other people find sexy. You might not find it arousing, but you do start understanding what makes a great ass or what kind of gams make legmen go nuts.

But back to feet. For those of us into the little piggies, gross, disgusting, unwashed feet with scraggly nails is just as disgusting to us as is it is to you. Probably more so because, well, we’re paying that much more attention and we’re sexually attracted to them. We like beautiful feet. Clean feet. Soles that are clean enough to lick and toes that smell like lilac.

For those of you who worship at the foot of feet, you understand. For those of you that don’t… well, like I said, I guess you never will. But that’s ok because you have a kink I’ll never understand either.