Current Administration Adds Abstinence as an Effective Sex Ed Program

Hey progressives, liberals and Democrats — thought the bad old days of “abstinence-only” sex ed were over, now that we have a president who doesn’t list “Jesus” as his favorite philosopher?

Think again.

The Department of Health and Human Services is still listing the advocates of “abstinence-only” sex ed (aka “We’ll just pretend the kids won’t act on their hormones”) as an “evidence based program” that meet something called an effectiveness criteria to prevent teenaged pregnancy. To be fair though, zero is a level of effectiveness.

These abstinence advocates, known as the Heritage Keepers Abstinence Program, tailors its programs to middle and high schoolers to, surprise, surprise, abstain from sex.

At this point, you’re probably wondering if this was just some oversight and it was just left on the books from the past administration. You’d wonder, but you’d be wrong. Apparently, the Heritage Keepers made it into the good graces of the HHS sometime last month.

Then again, hope is the hallmark of the current president’s election campaign and hope is all any parent is acting on if they think this abstinence stuff works. 


Hotel Review Site Tells All About Not-Tell Motels, a hotel review site, is going downmarket for its latest crop of reviews — and by downmarket, I mean really, really, downmarket.

The site is focusing on New York’s hourly hotels, though they’re more like motels (as in no-tell — get it?). The review of the Liberty Inn is fairly entertaining, with observations that the front desk was protected by a layer of bulletproof glass and their suite took design cues from a ’70s porn set.

They also note that the hotel features free porn and room service — seriously — with sexually themed dishes. However, if you have problems eating at the local strip bar’s lunch buffet, there’s not much chance you’ll try a Fuzzy Screw at the Liberty Inn.

The other motel reviewed in the series, the Kew Motor Inn, got plusses for a pimp who politely greeted them, then went back to banging on a room to shake down an errant john. But don’t look for this hotel in a Michelin Guide, as the smell of cigarettes permeated the hallways and rooms and the bedspreads were from the early ’90s.

All in all, a very amusing read about places you won’t want to admit visiting, even for the hour.


Android Maintains its Grip on Boobs in Smartphone Market

It’s pretty well known that Apple’s iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches are no-porn zones, much to the dismay of many adult studios and websites.

If you wanted boobies, Android was the only game in town. But there’s a new mobile OS in town — Windows Phone. (If you’re someone who’s about to mention that I didn’t say anything about Blackberry, just stop. Really, you’re just embarrassing yourself.)

Windows Mobile is a reboot of one of the older mobile OSs back when the only people who carried smartphones were masochists who thought cellular data speeds measured in kbps, rather than Mbps, was an amazingly good idea. With a slick array of “tiles” that update with new social media information, new email and call information, Windows Mobile is impressing critics with its performance.

However, like iOS, Windows Mobile will also not allow porn into its curated app store.

“Our content policies are clearly spelled out: we don’t allow apps containing ‘sexually suggestive or provocative’ images or content,” Senior Director of the Windows Phone Market Todd Brix stated on the Windows Phone Developer.