bs_080312Sex is Good…for Athletes!
A common piece of advice to wanna-be Olympians has always been to conserve their precious bodily fluids, which is a euphemism for not having sex. Some athletes abstain the night before they play, and others follow a much more ridged, weeks-long avoidance of carnal pleasure.

It’s a belief as old as the Greeks who competed in the nude in the original Olympics, with luminaries such as Muhammed Ali saying he went six weeks without sex and 5000 meter runner Marty Liquori quoted as saying, “Sex makes you happy. Happy people don’t run a 3.47 mile.”


However, what research has been done into the matter disputes this piece of conventional wisdom. In fact, sex may enhance sexual performance. Once study found that women who had sex didn’t have their grip strength or endurance affected by the deed. Another tested 10 men for grip strength, balance, lateral movement, reaction time, aerobic power, and oxygen efficiency. Again, no negative impact when it came to sex.

An Israeli doctor, Alexander Olshanietzky, is very pro-sex when it comes to women.

“We believe that a woman gets better results in sports competition after orgasm,” he said. “Generally, it’s true of high jumpers and runners. The more orgasms, the more chances of winning a medal.”

Stick it, anti-sex jocks!

Main Library of San Francisco Installs Privacy Screens for Websurfers
Times are tough. I can understand why people need to trim their budgets when it’s needed.

Cutting off Internet access? That’s kind of extreme, but between eating and watching funny feline videos what are you going to do?

Of course, cutting off your Internet these days also means cutting off your daily fix to porn. What’s the cost-conscious pervert to do? If you live in San Francisco, go to the public library.

The City’s main branch is installing 18 privacy shields around computers to allow patrons to browse the web without worrying about people looking over their shoulder. The rationale is that the library should allow free and unfettered access to any and all information, but there’s no reason why any passerby should be offended.

“We’re always looking for any kind of elegant solution that strikes a balance between the right to privacy and folks that want to use the library for any other intended purpose,” a librarian said.

If the privacy screens work — and why wouldn’t they? — more will be installed.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to the library.

Copyright Ends Silk Facial Controversy
Silk (no, not the ’90s R and B band) recently ran a promotion for user-submitted content. The winner of the promotion would have their video turned into an ad.

After all, what could go wrong with an ad for soy milk? In this case, the winner was a video of a woman with copious amounts of the white liquid on her face. It looked suspiciously a lot like…well, as someone reading a porn blog, I’m pretty sure you have a pretty good idea what this looked like.

Strangely, it wasn’t the content that brought the ad to a screeching end (though it did draw some complaints). It was an issue of copyright. The video was allegedly taken from the work of filmmaker Kenny Wu. Once Wu and the model in the video found out what happened, they demanded the offending clip be taken down from the Internet.

Both are looking into legal action against Silk.