If there’s something to be said about Annie Cruz it’s this — Annie’s a bitch who can take as much as she can dish out. It’s true. She’s nothing like the demure, submissive stereotype of Asian women some men seem to have a fetish for. She’s nasty, and enjoys reveling in her perversity as much as any red blooded male. In this scene, the red blooded male is accomplished Spanish performer Toni Ribas. Toni’s no slouch in his scenes, and does more than his fair share of choking and other rough stuff with Annie. But she was just as ready to slobber and spit up all over his cock. When the action finally moves to that of the more penetrative nature, Annie is ready to twist, turn and contort her body to the angles and curves that are required, even when the action is all up in her ass. If there was ever a match made in debauchery, this would be it.  JOIN me to see it all.